know anyone or anyplace who is interested in buying used shoujo manga in japanese? I am trying to sell my 100+ volumes. I’m moving and I really need help getting rid of them. Can’t seem to find a place to donate them either


匿名: I really wish you didn't hate me...

…who are you


(i doubt anyone is going to read this. like do i even have followers anymore?? anyway)

the past year has been such a ugh mess but the best at the same time. I’m finally done with the college application process. I’ve gotten into UC Davis, UCLA, UCSB, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, Syracuse University and New York University. At this point it seems like UC Berkeley is going to be my next 4 years but it will still be tough for me to have to turn down NYU since it has always been my dream. 

And to those who have read my text posts about this guy that I met over the summer… will not believe it but even after 8 months, we still talk and have gotten a lot closer. We talk on a daily basis and I even got to see him last week. We’re not dating but I guess you can say that this is just a looooong shoujo manga and this is only the beginning. (oh and we finally got a picture together in front of the UN like just how perfect can this whole relationship get. we were meeting each other at grand central station but had no means for communication and i was like FUCK how am I going to find him but like something from a movie, I looked up and there he was. holy shit if God isn’t sending us a message then I don’t know what the fuck this is)


匿名: good luck with everything! and thanks for keeping the blog up for as long as you have. Even if you leave, your blog will remain in my heart forever~ T-T

thank you for the sweet message♥︎!


hey guys. i’m busy with college applications and cannot keep this blog running gomen.

but to those of you who have been with me forever, I love you and thank you. I’m sure some of you guys have read my squealing text posts about a guy that I met 2 months ago. and things are going great! ufufu I wish I could elaborate but there’s just too much. let’s just say that my life really truly is a shoujo manga.

I love all of you just as much! thanks for everything~



citrus fudge | 玉城ティナ | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

I miss japan so much

vintage comic books that someone brought me from japan

“It seems like your lover is the computer.”

匿名: i'm so happy for you omg that text post was overflowing with cuteness i couldn't stop smiling when i was reading it aww good luck

(‘: thank you very much that means a lot to me. also thanks for spending the time to read it. it was a long post (。-_-。)